About Qwest 4 Serenity: 

Qwest is a creative hybrid between the word ‘quest’ and the cardinal geographic direction ‘west’. I believe that like the Sun ☀️, when we are born (sunrise) we are given a specific purpose and are meant to “shine our light” into the world while we are alive. As we live our lives we are constantly on a journey (quest) in pursuit of our purpose and becoming our best selves. In realizing our purpose and living our lives to our full potential we will have a sense of peace (Serenity) no regrets. Ultimately our lives will transition from this realm (sunset). Being that that sun sets in the west, the direction ‘west’ was incorporated into the name as a reminder that our journey ultimately has an ending. The number 4 replaces the preposition word ‘for’ because numerology speaking, 4 represents the “salt of the earth”. It also represents balance and stability like a square that has four equal sides and 4 equal corners or like the 4 seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer). 


About Michelle:

Michelle Adaugo is passionate about all things spiritual, personal development, and education. She served as a high school science teacher for 7 years in an urban school district within the DFW area. She is currently a certified life coach who specializes in helping others uncover their life's purpose and develop a positive mindset. As an advocate for lifelong education and mental health, she is currently continuing her studies in Counseling Psychology.

Combining a background of science, education, community outreach, counseling psychology along with creativity and practical life advice and a deep knowledge of faith & spiritual awareness, Michelle intends to "salt the earth" with a bit of her flavor to educate and inspire the masses. She is committed to her mission of helping clients to live out their God-given purpose and realize the best versions of themselves through love, hope and encouragement.

She is a native of Dallas, Texas and is happily married to her husband Frank Ugwu-Agbakwu and their three lovely children Serenity, Essence, & Frank Jr. III.  

- Evaluate
- Discover
- Create Goals

- Evaluate Goals
- Check-ins
- Assess & Re-assess
- Experience Breakthrough 

- Reflect
-Recommit - Live your best life!